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At®, you can buy nothing but dog trailers. That's what we can do best and what we like to do best. That's why we don't do nothing else.

If you are looking for a dog trailer, you can ask different manufacturers, drive hundreds of miles, compare offers and models, only to find, in the end, not what you really need. Or you can simply tell us what you want or what you need. We configure the dog trailer of your dreams, tell you what works and what doesn't (although there isn't much that doesn't work), make alternative offers beyond brand borders and we won't stop until you have your trailer in front of your door!® has satisfied customers from the Baltic Sea to Gibraltar and from Ireland to Bulgaria. We want you to be part of them.




One brand - one partner!

If you prefer the the young, dynamic  brand METBOX with their breathtakingly styled Trailers:® will configure for you the perfect trailer, custom tailored for you and your dogs. Write us how many dogs you have, what breed and what purpose you will use your trailer for. If you tell us your budget, we can find out even quicker which trailer suits you best. You just want to have a look? Click on "METBOX"  and discover the fascinating models of our manufacturer that will excite you as well as your dog.




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If you need a friend, buy a dog. 

If you need a trailer, buy a dogtrailer®. 


                                                                                 Horst Narwutsch